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GEO Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an export company with 40 years of history. We export a number of products from Korea to different countries around the world. GEO Enterprise Co., Ltd. has cooperated with overseas Koreans in many different countries, and successfully entered the South American market. This is just one example of our efforts to share Korean products with the world. Currently, we export various products to 15 countries including Latin America, the USA, Australie, and Taiwan. Our soda drinks with five different flavors, such as watermelon and melon, are GEO's most-loved products out of the many products that we export. There may be a buyer who did not yet place an order due to lack of brand awareness and price competitiveness, but after knowing how tasty the drinks are, no buyer could resist buying them. Consumers from Korea and all over the world have fallen in love with the drinks, and they are definitely one of GEO Enterprise's top products. 
GEO Enterprise Co. Ltd. has been at the heart of the history of exports in Korea for a long time. We started in the early 1980s, and we have buyers who still trade with us and these values are our top priority in business trading. GEO Enterprise Co., Ltd. will continue to build trust and stay sincere, to provide only the best products to become a company that everyone can trust.


President   DAI-EUI LEE

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